New! 2021 Late Summer Seminar, September 3-4

Following the interruption to the annual Wordsworth Winter School and Wordsworth Summer Conference caused by the Covid-19  pandemic, the Wordsworth Conference Foundation is delighted  to present a short programme of lectures and talks on Zoom, as a trailer for the resumption of the programme of events in 2022. The Wordsworth Winter School, hosted and directed by Peter Dale…

WWS 2022 – Announcement

The Wordsworth Winter School is back! Join us at Rydal Hall in the heart of the Lake District, 14–19 February 2022, for a week of lectures and seminars exploring the theme of ‘Wordsworth and Storytelling’. As always, cakes, challenging minds, congenial company. Come and meet an important contemporary poet who will be responding to Wordsworth’s…

WSC 2020 – Keynote Lecturers

We’re delighted to offer a preview of the distinguished lecturers who will be presenting at the 50th anniversary Wordsworth Summer Conference, 10-20 August 2020

WSC 2019 – Photo Recap

Here are some of the photographic highlights of this year’s conference, as well as the dates for the WSC 2020

WSC 2019 – Conference Lecturers

We’re delighted to offer a preview of our distinguished Conference Lecturers who will be presenting at the Wordsworth Summer Conference, 5-15 August 2019

WSC Bicentenary Review: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein on Stage

Peggy Webling’s Frankenstein Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum This year at the Wordsworth Summer Conference, Bruce Graver and I offered a topic somewhat different from the usual fare. In this year of the 200th anniversary of Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin Shelley’s publication of Frankenstein, we presented a slice of its aftermath in literature and modern culture: the woman…